Nowadays, Yumeiren International Group is an internationally influential medical and aesthetic institution. As the founder, president Yu Wenhong took part in major international conferences and activities, such as attending Cannes Film Festival for six consecutive years, sponsoring the amfAR charity dinner in Cannes and invited to speak on the stage.



    Besides, president Yu was invited to attend the luncheon of former British Prime Minister Cameron and the birthday dinner of the queen of England. This year, as a financial investor, she was invited by president Trump to attend his private dinner at Mar-a-Lago, and so on.




        Recently, president Yu takes part in two “special lunch”.



       In early July, president Yu invited Mr.Ford, secretary-general of the German chancellor, to taste the Chinese food. President Yu  has been called as "The Bridge of Civil Relations between China and Germany" by Mr. Hans-JoacFuchtel, state secretary of the federal ministry of economic cooperation and development of Germany and federal member of parliament.



      Mr.Ford is a “food eater”and praised Hangzhou crab powder for its delicacy. This time, president Yu cooked delicious crab powder, seafood chicken wonton soup and iced fruit sweet soup for Mr.Ford.


     The Black Forest Sanatorium in Germany is the sanatorium that was purchased and officially opened wholly by Chinese people, and it has also gotten support and help from Mr. Ford. German Black Forest Sanatorium is located in Baiersbronn, 60 kilometers away from Baden Baden, Germany. It has convenient transportation and good environment.


      As a third-class first-class hospital in Germany, Yumeiren German Black Forest Sanatorium has complete high-tech facilities and professional team. All sanatoriums are made up of German doctors. Medicines are prescribed by doctors and certified by the European Union and have all the legal approval documents. Unlike the hospital responsibility system in China, doctors here are fully responsible for all prescription.


     After several years of development, the German Black Forest Sanatorium is popular at home and abroad. Many people come here because of the environment, professional services and medical teams here.



      In early August, president Yu Wenhong was invited to attend a private lunch at the home of the Prime Minister of Albania. During the lunch meeting, president Yu talked with the prime minister of Albania very happily.


      After knowing the thought of the president Yu, the premier proposed an island with an area of about 20 flower beds, which is beautiful and near from other cities. Also, it is the palace where kings married 500 years ago and the ancient castle is still in it.


    Besides, the premier approved Yumeiren's Chinese doctors and doctors in German Black Forest Sanatorium to recognize the qualifications of foreign doctors, medical and aesthetic medical all recognized qualifications, and 10 years tax-free!


      The premier, who once learned art painting, also mentioned that he could draw design plans for the new five-star hotel and anti-aging nursing home of president Yu, and even promised to play in the film about Yumeiren's corporate propaganda invested by President Yu.



      Such help is so valuable. And this is also the "icing on the cake" of the Albanian prime minister for president Yu's struggle.


    Through perseverance and struggle, president Yu has not only made thousands of  people beautiful, but also made Chinese medical and aesthetic enterprises stronger, creating Chinese own medical beauty.


      "Where you stand is your China; what you do, China is what you are; what you are, China is what you are; if you are bright, China will no longer be dark." Once China was the sleeping dragon for some time, but now, the dragon has begun to wake up and start flying in the sky.


       The status of China in the world depends not only on the country, but also on every Chinese. "People should be self-reliant." Everyone seems to be a small force, but more hands produce a stronger flame.


       Patriotism is not a slogan or a declaration. You should start to take action. May every Chinese send out this light and heat to illuminate our motherland!